15 reasons why you need that blood test

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The number of illnesses in Malaysia and throughout the world are increasing at an alarming rate. Some of these illnesses can be fatal if not diagnosed early enough.

A blood test can identify warning signs or even minor health issues, that in time could get worse, so that they can be treated before any real damage is done.

Here are 15 important reasons why you should get your blood tested.

1. A timely diagnosis can make the difference between life and death. A proper examination will prevent a disease from worsening or occurring at all, which may prove fatal in the long run. And now, with mobile at-home or office testing from companies like Lab Express by Pillar, it’s easy to get tested.

2. With the rapidly growing epidemic of diabetes and other metabolic syndromes, monitoring blood or detecting early-stage metabolic syndrome, diabetes, and heart disease is important for everyone.

3. Routine examination of vital organs like liver and kidney function can give an overall picture of what is happening inside your body.

Abnormal levels might indicate an array of conditions such as infections, inflammation, alcoholism, toxic chemicals or medicines, occupational hazards, diabetes, metabolic diseases, and high blood pressure.

Further tests may be done to determine more precisely the extent of the damage.

4. If you have the flu, don’t take it for granted. Something more sinister could be lurking in the background. Did you know that deadly HIV infection starts in your body as a flu and other minor illnesses that often go untreated?

The best way to avoid the spread of these illnesses through your body is by a regular health check-up through a simple blood test.

If you are too weak (or too lazy) to go to the lab, have a heavy work burden, or hate city traffic, you can also get a blood test done at home starting at 6.00am, and receive your reports online.

5. If you notice little or no change in your weight despite following a strict diet, it can be a sign of a hormonal imbalance, heart condition, liver damage or thyroid problem.

Cancer has also been reported as the reason for excess fat storage in the body. A simple blood test conducted from time to time can clear the mystery behind your fluctuation in weight.

6. A blood count test is necessary to stay current about your body’s vital stats. Items like platelet count, haemoglobin and white blood cells among others are important to your overall health, and should be regularly monitored.

If your numbers are not normal, you could have a serious health issue. A proper and timely diagnosis can help avert infections, anaemia and blood clots among others.

7. If you are someone who donates blood regularly, then it is all the more important that you undergo regular blood tests. In order to give blood to other people, you should be in near perfect health.

For someone with a low haemoglobin count, donating blood can prove fatal for the donor. You can stay informed about your health stats by undergoing regular blood tests.

8. Regular blood tests also ensure that your body is maintaining the required amount of vitamins and minerals. A lack of nutrients in your body may not only lead to minor health conditions like a headache, constipation, and annoying body odours, it can also indicate more serious health issues like neurological disorders, muscle issues, diseases of the bone and joints, and other disorders.

9. Check your hormone levels. Because the symptoms of a hormone imbalance may be nonspecific or absent and may progress very slowly, people with abnormal hormone levels can go undiagnosed for a long time. An undiagnosed mild disease can progress to something much worse.

10. Keep a close track of your testosterone and oestrogen levels. Problems like erectile dysfunction, infertility, and poor libido can all stem from low levels of sex hormones. This problem can only be diagnosed through a fast and easy blood test.

11. Been having a “cheeky time?” Concerned about STDs but want to keep it on the down-low? Then an anonymous at-home or office test service may be perfect for you.

Companies like Lab Express by Pillar offer anonymous STD tests in the Klang Valley for a modest testing fee and a small transport charge. So get peace of mind and get tested.

12. By having regular blood tests, you will be able to keep a close tab on your health and identify potential issues. It also allows you to plan preventive measures to reduce the chances of any health problems.

13. Your body is different from everybody else’s body, so your health programme should be fully customised to your needs.

By undergoing regular blood tests, you can get the exact numbers that will help you plan your treatment, diet, and precautions accordingly. Always consult with a doctor to interpret your test results.

14. Regular blood tests plays an important role in maintaining your overall health and fitness, just as diet and exercise does. If you are serious about living a long, fun, and healthy life, then take your blood tests seriously.

15. Prevention keeps the doctor away. Doing a basic health screening blood test can help identify any issues you may have – even if minor – and keep your health on track.

Don’t forget to fast for eight hours before your test so you get accurate results.

Originally published by Lab Express by Pillar on July 16, 2019


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