Get A Grip! How To Regulate Your Emotions For The Sake Of Your Mental Wellbeing

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We should always let ourselves feel and express our emotions the moment they surface, as suppressing them will only be detrimental to you and your mental health.

However, sometimes, we need to control our feelings before we let loose with our emotions because expressing them without assessing them could possibly create unexpected consequences.

This method is called regulating emotions, which means to assert power over one’s own emotional condition. It could include actions like evaluating a difficult situation to minimise anger or anxiety, disguising visible symptoms of grief or fear, or concentrating on ways to feel pleased or peaceful.

So, if you wish to get a good grasp of your emotions, here are ways that you can regulate yours:

Never Suppress

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Again, as mentioned before, never ever suppress your emotions and shoulder the burden of them all by yourself. If you do, then you’ll carry this heavy weight on your shoulders and constantly ponder issues that could have been resolved if you had just expressed your feelings.

Pin Point Your Feelings

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It’s so much easier to get ahold of your feelings when you identify your emotions in the moment. Whether it is angry, sadness or even stress, identifying these emotions makes regulating them a whole lot simpler.

Know Where It Came From

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Once you identify it, discover the reason behind your feelings and don’t be ashamed of it. Your emotions are there to make you as human as possible, and being embarrassed over how you feel because it may be deemed as “overreacting” or “irrational” can only do you more harm.

Express With Caution

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After you’ve distinguished your emotions, make sure the environment in which you wish to express your feelings is safe. Which is why practicing doing this alone first is much suited to better regulate your emotions and understand when and how you can express them.

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