Wise Antibiotic Use in Children: Insights from a Qualified Pharmacist

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Antibiotics are humanity’s most important life-saving medicine. Helping treat millions of infections every year.

But when it comes to using them for kids, we need to be careful and stay informed.

While antibiotics are important for kids’ health, we must use them wisely to protect our children’s future health.

What are antibiotics?

  • Antibiotics are powerful medicines used to fight bacterial infections.
  • Other types of medicines include antivirals (for viral infections), antifungals (for fungal infections), and antihelmintics (for parasitic infections).

Do all antibiotics work the same way?

  • No, antibiotics are divided into different groups based on how they're made and how they work. Each group has its own way of fighting infections.

Do all infections need to be treated with an antibiotic?

  • No, antibiotics are only used when the infection is caused by bacteria, not viruses, yeasts, fungi, or parasites.

How do I know that my child might need an antibiotic?

  • See a doctor who can determine if antibiotics are necessary based on the specific illness. They'll prescribe antibiotics if needed.

If my child is prescribed with an antibiotic, how do I administer it to them?

  • Follow the doctor's instructions carefully. Use the right measuring tool for liquid antibiotics and store them properly.

How long does it take for an antibiotic to work?

  • Improvement should be noticed within 48 to 72 hours. If symptoms persist or worsen, consult the doctor for advice.

These guidelines emphasize the importance of using antibiotics wisely and ensuring proper administration to promote effective treatment and prevent antibiotic resistance.

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