The 5 Major Habits That Will Improve Your Longevity

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The term SuperAgers was created by researchers at Northwestern University.

Individuals over the age of 80 who exhibit memory capacity comparable to those decades younger. Northwestern University's research emphasizes that SuperAgers differ from those with good longevity due to the distinctive state of their brains. Unlike regular agers, SuperAgers show less brain volume loss, resembling the brains of much younger individuals.

While there is no specific formula to become a SuperAger, experts suggest some positive habits that can contribute to cognitive and physical well-being as people age. Here are the key habits outlined in the article:

  1. Regular Physical Activity: Daily movement is associated with longevity and healthy aging. This doesn't necessarily mean intense exercise but includes activities like gardening, crafts, or simply walking. SuperAgers tend to avoid sedentary behavior.

  2. Engagement in Social Activities: SuperAgers maintain a high level of physical, cognitive, psychological, and social well-being. Regular socialization, whether with friends, family, colleagues, or through volunteering, is linked to better cognitive and physical health.

  3. Stress Reduction: Controllable stress reduction is crucial for maintaining cognitive and physical sharpness. Some SuperAgers emphasize avoiding unnecessary stress and not getting involved in others' drama to keep a more peaceful and stress-free life.

  4. Cognitive Stimulation: Keeping the brain engaged through activities like learning a new language, picking up an instrument, or any mentally challenging task contributes to healthy aging. The key is finding activities that are mentally stimulating and enjoyable.

  5. Pursuing Enjoyable Activities: SuperAgers tend to do things that make them happy and fulfilled. Engaging in activities that are enjoyable, motivating, and not stress-inducing is recommended for healthy aging.

It's important to note that these habits are not a one-size-fits-all solution, and individuals may have different approaches to achieving healthy aging. The article emphasizes the combination of biology, environment, and personal agency in the aging process.

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